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Writing Challenge: Starting Over

I’ve just seen this challenge, and, even though it’s from last week and I’m a little late, I thought I’d give it a try.

There are moments when you wish your life had a restart button, moments when you decide that you want to change your life, moments when you make plans for the future, in order to start over. That is not starting over.

Most of these moments, you think you have to let something in the past in order to start over. You have to make a new blog and forget about the old one, because you want to ‘start over’. You think that something has to end in order for something else to begin. But you forget one thing: it’s not up to you to make them end, or to leave them in the past. They are already in the past, and they can’t be removed from there. You, however, are in the present. You are not tied to them anymore. If you repeat your past, it is not because you are stuck in it, it is because you choose to do the same actions in the present.

Starting over is a succession of little steps towards a better life. It rarely is a huge, difficult, scary step. It can mean picking up all those dirty clothes lying on the floor, making a phone call, going out for a walk or shutting down the computer.

Starting over is now. Not tomorrow, not in five minutes.


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