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Stories a room can tell

Today’s promptExplore the room you’re in as if you’re seeing it for the first time. Pretend you know nothing. What do you see? Who is the person who lives there?

From the moment I enter this small room, I am sure it belongs to a girl. Even without the girly magazines, jewellery and clothes that seem to be all over the room, you can just tell it’s the place where a teenage girl spends a lot of time. Even as I stand in the doorway and scan this room, I can see it is a personally decorated one, and I am sure that as I’ll get closer and look at this space more carefully, I am going to discover more and more things about the person living here.

The first thing I can guess about her is that she is either lazy or messy, or maybe both. The single bed on the left is unmade, with a book and clothes that seem to have been carelessly thrown on it, and the most random things are sitting on the bedside table, as well as on the desk. Books, magazines, glasses of water, a polka-dotted kettle, coins, body lotions and medicines are just a few of the many things she seems to have left on the tables and just forgotten about them. Near the laptop on the desk there are some maths books and what looks like an unfinished homework.

Right before I am about to jugde her and just assume she is messy and disorganised, I look around the rest of the room, which consists in some shelves and a tall drawer. I’m pretty sure that if I opened the drawer, even if there were a secret door to Narnia, it would be blocked by a pile of clothes and possibly other things that have nothing to do there. The shelves, however, are the ones that catch my attention. They seem to be the only place in this room where this girl doesn’t throw the stuff she no longer uses. On the shelf above the bed, there are many stuffed toys, boxes, candles and a plant, and on the one above the desk there are many books that, although not arranged in alphabetical order, look like they still are in a particular, less obvious order. Even though there is nothing that says ‘conservative’ or ‘traditional’ about this room (even the colour palette is a bit odd: orange and some sort of pistachio-green), the shelves suggest that everything has actually been put in a specific order, and the mess is only a result of hurry or laziness, but definitely not one of carelessness.

As I turn around to exit the room, I notice a cork board near the door, which reveals, once again, the essence of this room: it looks as if, in the beginning, things used to be smartly organised, both practical and pleasantly looking, and over time stuff just added up, filling the small empty spaces in a hurried, not so organised way. I’m thinking maybe this is what happens with people’s minds, too (at least my own): they become too crowded with all the small things, and once in a while we really need to sort everything out and throw away what we don’t need anymore. But that is a different story, one that doesn’t belong to this room, or to this post.


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